Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

=>> What is E-PHORING™?

Ans: Please read our About us page for more information on the E-PHORING™ story.

=>> Can I view E-PHORING™ on my mobile phone?

Ans: Yes, you can view E-PHORING™ on your mobile phone if it has full internet browser (all smart phones such as iPhones and Android phones this). We are working to optimise the website for use with smart phones. We are also planning on developing a mobile app for use with iPhones and Android phones

Unfortunately E-PHORING™ may not be viewed correctly by phones without full internet browsers at this stage. We are working on building customised applications for these kinds of handsets

As always, your ideas and feedback are always welcome – [email protected]

=>> How will E-PHORING™ make money?

Ans: E-PHORING™ aims to be self-sustainable through allowing advertisers to place non-intrusive ads on the website.

Getting involved with E-PHORING™

=>>How can I help E-PHORING™?

Ans: Unfortunately E-PHORING™ may not allow any job opportunity at present. If we start job opportunity you can join with us at E-PHORING™, you can visit our Career page when available.

=>> I have an idea! I think it will improve E-PHORING™.

Ans: We’d love to hear your ideas. Please let us know by writing to us, [email protected]


=>> Need help using E-PHORING™?

Ans: We are still developing our site and the user help materials that go with it. If you can’t find the help you need, please write to us at [email protected]

=>> Something not working with E-PHORING™. I want it fixed!

Ans: We’re sorry you found a bug. Please let us know and thank you in advance for you feedback. It’s really appreciated at [email protected]

=>> Still can’t find what you’re looking for?

Ans: Then write to us at [email protected]